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Tom Forletta


Tom Forletta grew up in an environment surrounded by photography. His father was a photographer in the United States Navy and later for KNBC in Burbank, CA. At age 16, Tom began working in a photo lab processing color negative and color prints while continuing to develop his own shooting style. Professionally, becoming a colorist was a very natural transition for Tom. His lifetime of being surrounded by creative people in the field of photography made his career path simple. Tom brings all of that early experience plus over 25 years’ of colorist experience to every job and project that he works on. His ability to look at images and bring them to life has led him to color some of TVs top rated show such as This Is Us. He has also worked directly in the theatrical world with some of the best cinematographers including Academy Award winners Emmanuel Lubezki and Claudio Miranda. Tom appreciates the opportunity to work with creative people who are passionate about their art. He is continually learning new techniques and fine-tuning old ones for the purpose of bringing their creative vision to the screen.