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Paul Ensby

Paul has been working in the industry for over 30 years following in both his fathers and grandfathers’ footsteps, he started as a colour timer at the UK’s Technicolor Laboratory in the 1990’s. As the industry changed course, Paul transitioned with it and became one of the first DI Colourists in the UK with one of his first shows being Kingdom of Heaven, Directed by Ridley Scott and shot by John Mathieson.

Throughout his career he has worked with a vast number of high-profile clients on blockbuster Features, award winning Episodic series, and Academy Award winning Documentaries. A long-time collaborator with Asif Kapadia, Paul worked with Asif to capture the intricate moments on SennaAmy, and Diego Maradona. Most recently Paul finished, Avenue 5 for HBO – written and directed by Armondo Iannucci, and Nolly, directed by Peter Hoar and written by Russell T. Davis.

Paul’s creative expertise, subtle understanding of colour and detail partnered with his calm nature is what draws clients to work with him again and again.