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John Francis

John’s work as an Online Finishing Editor entails everything from color correction, visual effects and titling to delivering final product. His role also encompasses listening to a client’s vision and translating that to the screen. Starting in the vault at Pacific Video, John moved up the ranks utilizing his own time to learn the skills necessary for the next position. He joined Picture Shop (formerly Chainsaw) as an assistant editor, working his way up to an Online Editor over the years. Some of his favorite projects include “America’s Got Talent,” “The Academy Awards,” “American Music Awards” and many more. He credits his exceptional listening skills and empathetic nature with the success of his career. During long shifts of editing, he feels people need a calm and patient sounding board as the pressure intensifies. With a long list of credits to his name and two Emmy nominations, he admits to being a fan of the high speed pace of an impending deadline.