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Kim Schneider

As a colorist, Kim realizes that every production has its own challenges and signature. From matching footage shot at 10am and 6pm to all look like noon or whatever time of day or night it’s supposed to be. Other aspects include working closely with clients to ensure the end product is what they want. He started in the industry in the early 80s, working in film labs around town. His decision to become an editor led him to Laser Pacific, where he began hanging negative in telecine for dailies, and then coloring dailies. Countless miles of film later, he started final coloring for episodic television. Some of his favorite projects include Strong Medicine and The Division, as well as the seven years spent on Son of Anarchy. Recent projects include Scorpion, Pretty Little Liars, and Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries. From the last 37 years of experience, his best advice is, know that “there are almost unlimited paths to the same destination, just find the one which suits you the most.”