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Chad Cole

Chad Cole is responsible for conforming, titling and finishing shows. He started out in the industry working for a small post facility that specializes in music videos, for which his educational background in all things music-related came in handy. Today, he brings his music background and experience to picture editing. His recent credits include “The Leftovers,” “Scorpion,” “Pretty Little Liars,” “Six,” “Famous in Love” and “The Family”. His favourite projects include “Chuck”, a techno-sci-fi comedy where he got to do a lot of visual effects and worked, on occasion, with the legendary Dan Curry from Star Trek; “Avatar”, where he conformed and titled in 3D and “How I Met Your Mother”, where he got to create visual effects on the Avid DS on many of their funny gags! Something he learned early on in his career, after working a 24 hour shift where he felt he was too busy to eat, was to always make sure there is food available!